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ELA 7 30 October 2016


Haylee, a bright and energetic second grader at Hot Springs Elementary School in Clark County adored her teacher and loved to help Mrs.Susi once school eventually let out.  Often, she lingered after class to spend a few extra minutes with Mrs.Susi sharpening pencils or putting up chairs.   Did today happen to be Haylee’s lucky day or not helping Mrs. Susi in the classroom?

She could not believe all of her good fortune.   Mrs.Susi specifically asked her, Haylee Halo, to organize an enormous box filled to the brim with books after school. The day went on and on just as an eternity would come to pass  before the last bell rang, and nevertheless when the last bell finally rang Haylee found herself at Room Eight in a flash.
Haylee wasted absolutely no time and got right down to business sorting through the immense assortment of all the different book titles compacted tightly in the box. All of a sudden, something scooted inside the box. However, nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary when she peered into the box just as an eagle would looking for prey. This allowed Haylee to instantly restart alphabetizing all of the books. Suddenly, as Haylee pulled the following book out, she felt a creature  scurry over her long fingers. Haylee  examined the box once again only to find nothing unusual.  “Am I going crazy?  What will Mrs.Susi think?” she pondered with one eyebrow up and mouth in a downward slant. Once again, Haylee started shelving books and let out a blood-curdling scream as a strange creature fell to the floor and ran underneath the bookshelf.

 Mrs. Susi rushed over and asked  ” What seems to be the matter?”

Haylee quickly responded with “A random  creature fell to the floor off the bookshelf and onto the floor and began scurrying away . Look over by table number two! Do you see the creature now ? ,”  Haylee stated in a rather panicked tone.

Subsequently, that incident Mrs. Susi called up the janitor to come and trap the creature while Haylee not knowing what to do started bolting after the quick creature fast as lightning , so that when the janitor arrived he could eventually come and take care of the mysterious being.  Harold Harris, the janitor, came to the rescue in room eight in a flash. He managed to corner the creature in the upper right hand corner, while identifying the creature spontaneously as a clear, yellow scorpion that began hiding behind the inside ledge of the bookshelf and he raised his boot.   SQUISH!

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